Hi, my name's Zal and I'm a Pokemon trainer. No, I'm not trying to become the best one out there. My best friend has that covered, and very poorly I might add.

I'm originally from a town called Floaroma. It's nice and pretty with all the flowers and junk, but it was boring. So I decided to take up traveling with my friend, Loi. And try to help him get better at battling.

Please don't take all our money if you win.

Current magic anon status: none

Status: Pokemon Au

Condition: Normal

((independent kh oc currently in a pokemon au until further notice. still willing to rp her normally, but you have to ask specifically))


A Second Date With Destiny

The time to leave had finally arrived.

Zal had not planned on leaving so soon. In fact, she had planned on leaving in about a month. But a long term mission had become available much sooner, and she jumped at the chance. Loi had been informed they were leaving, and she had left Martin a letter explaining where she was. There hadn’t been time for any good byes, which she was kind of sad about. But she did leave Martin the letter to explain she hadn’t run off to his world and got caught or anything. Which would probably what he would think of first, and she didn’t want him to worry about her.

All there was left to do was wait for Loi… And figure out how to explain Damien to him.

Damien and Zal were currently in Twilight Town, sitting on the steps to the train station as they waited for Loi. Damien had promised to let his mother figure out how to explain. She seemed a bit stressed about just about everything right now, and it bothered him to see his mom like this. If only she wasn’t so resistant to letting people help her. Such a stubborn tsundere.

"Okay, what if I just said you were my cousin or something?" Zal suggested.

"Uncle Loi would probably call your bluff on that, ma. He’s not stupid." Damien replied. He didn’t really understand why people thought that. Loi was really smart. But maybe that was just coming from someone who adored him more than anything else. He really enjoyed being with his "uncle" Loi a lot.

"A friend of mine?"

"That wouldn’t make any kind of sense."

Zal scowled. “You’re not very helpful, Damien.”

Damien smiled. “I get it from you.”

“I don’t need any of your sass.”

"I also get that from you." Damien teased, frowning as his mother gave him an annoyed look. "Hey, I was just kidding mom. I love you, okay?" He couldn’t help but notice the look Zal had on her face when he said those three words. It was subtle, but it was almost like she enjoyed hearing someone say they loved her. He couldn’t help but wonder when the last time someone told her that was. It had to have been a while.

"Just remember to stay out of trouble." Zal sighed. She really didn’t need a sassy future son tagging along, but he was just so fucking persistent. Obviously he got that trait from Darius. Because that boy was certainly persistent, almost to an annoying degree.

"Cross my heart and hope to die."

"Yeah, well, let’s not wish for that, okay?" Zal frowned and stood up, stretching a bit. Loi was going to be late at this rate. If he was stopping to get ice cream, she was so kicking his ass. They didn’t have time for this. "Loi, where the fuck are you…?"